Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics


Research funding at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKM) in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) comes from both internal and external sources, spanning national and international levels. Like other universities in Malaysia, grant applications at FSKM are overseen by the Research and Management Office. To date, the faculty has secured over half million in funding, driving forward the pursuit of new knowledge and innovation.

Internal Grants
Staff Name Research Title Status of the Project
Syerrina Binti Zakaria (Dr.) Covid-19 Pandemic : Constructing New Multidimensional Deprivation Index for Monitoring Poverty Status in Peninsular Malaysia. Ongoing
Rabiei bin Mamat (Dr.) A New Approach Based on Possible Equivalent Value-set and Similarity Precision for better Classification's Accuracy in Incomplete Information System Completed
Masita @ Masila Abdul Jalil (Prof. Madya Ts. Dr.) Offshore Software Maintenance Process Model Completed
Ilyani binti Abdullah (Dr.) Biomagnetic Fluid Flow Coupled with Mass Transfer in a Stenosed Artery Completed
Zuriana Binti Abu Bakar (Ts. Dr.) Classification of Visual Interface Design for Online Learning using Support Vector Machines Techniques. Ongoing
Hassilah Binti Salleh (Dr.) Deep Learning with Incorporated Gaussian Process for Stock Price Forecasting in Bursa Malaysia Ongoing
Loy Kak Choon (Dr.) An Efficient Time-Marching Algorithm for Incomressible Navier-Stokes Equations and Its Application in Laminar-Turbulent Flow Modeling Ongoing
Rosmayati Binti Mohemad (Prof. Madya Ts. Dr.) An ICT-based Framework of Designing Course Information towards Outcome-based Education (OBE) Approach Ongoing
Nur Aidya Hanum Binti Aizam (Prof. Madya Ts. Dr.) Simulating Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Examination Timetabling in Investigating Continuous Issues for Improvement Ongoing
Fakhrul Adli Bin Mohd Zaki Improving Transformation of Para-Relational Data to Support Data Integration Ongoing
Chong Nyuk Sian (Dr.) A Novel Deterministic Model for the Study of Epidemiology and Control of Rabies Disease Ongoing
Ummu `Atiqah Binti Mohd Roslan (Dr.) A Dynamical Approach to Predicting New Mother Sea Turtle Nesting Behavior in Chagar Hutang Ongoing
Mohamad Nazri Bin Husin (Dr.) To characterize the graphs with its topological aspects of chemical structures with underlying networks. Ongoing
Ily Amalina Binti Ahmad Sabri (Dr.) M-Fly Counter: Development of Auto-Counting Mobile Apps for Large Populations of HouseFly for Pest Control and Monitoring Activities Ongoing
Rosaida Binti Rosly (Dr.) An Enhancement of Classification Performance for Marine Fish Landing Dataset using Multi-classifier Method based on Deep Learning Approach Ongoing
Ashanira Binti Mat Deris (Ts. Dr.) An enhanced hybrid harmony search with swarm based meta-heuristic algorithm for optimization of machining performance Ongoing
Wiwied Virgiyanti (Dr.) Prototype Development of a Sustainable Device for Cockroach Infestation Control in Malaysian Urban Environments using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. Ongoing
Engku Fadzli Hasan Bin Syed Abdullah EZ Farm Ongoing
Sharifah Mashita Binti Syed Mohamad (Ts. Dr.) Empirical Analysis of Software Maintainability Metrics in DevOps Environments. Ongoing
Staff Name Research Title Status of the Project
Norizan Binti Mohamed (Prof. Madya Dr.) Comprehensive Statistical Testing and Evaluation for Artefact Modelling Completed
Noor Maizura Binti Mohamad Noor (Prof. Ts. Dr.) A New Framework of Risk-based Decision Support System (R+DSS) in Teaching and Learning Post-Pandemic Covid-19 Ongoing
Muhamad Safiih Bin Lola (Prof. Madya Dr.) The Giant Panda Protection and Research Programme Ongoing
Ilyani Abdullah (Dr.) Solving A Mathematical Model for The Stability of Water Distribution Problem in Open Channels by Using A Difference Splitting Scheme Ongoing
Loy Kak Choon (Dr.) Space-Time Adaptive Method for the Computation of Rotating Blades with Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Ongoing
Ruwaidiah binti Idris (Dr.) The Development of Five-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Chaotic Convection in Nanofluids using Fourier Spectral Method and its Behaviour in Nanofluids Ongoing
Ahmad Termimi Bin Ab Ghani (Prof. Madya Dr.) The Intelligence Model of Predicting Students' Mathematics Problem-solving Ability Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Formulation and Neuroscience Mechanistic Ongoing
Noor Hafhizah Binti Abd Rahim (Dr.) A New Multimodal Fake News Detection using Hybrid Deep Learning Method. Ongoing
Binyamin Bin Yusoff (Dr.) Modification of ELECTRE Model Using ELICIT Expressions Under Circular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Ongoing
Nur Fadhilah Binti Ibrahim (Dr.) Hybrid Artificial Neural Networks-Genetics Algorithm in The Solutions Of The Partial Differential Equation Thermal For Early Stage Breast Tumor Detection Ongoing
Rozniza binti Ali (Dr.) Towards a novel multi-modal feature extraction and deep learning autoencoder for objects in cluttered or complex scenes Ongoing
Zabidin Bin Salleh (Prof. Madya Dr.) The Determination of Fixed Point Results for Contraction Mappings on Fuzzy Rectangular b-Metric Spaces Ongoing
Roslan Bin Hasni @ Abdullah (Prof. Dr.) The determination of new families of graphs with edge reflexive irregular k-labeling for certain constraint parameters Ongoing
Mohamad Nazri Bin Husin (Dr.) Characterization of n-vertex connected graphs involving topological indices with given parameters Ongoing
Maharani Abu Bakar (Dr.) A New Neuro Soft-Computing Based On Greenformer Matrix Factorization Of High Dimensional Partial Differential Equations For Ecological Modelling Ongoing
Staff Name Research Title Status of the Project
Ruwaidiah binti Idris (Dr.) The Development of Five-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Chaotic Convection in Nanofluids using Fourier Spectral Method and its Behaviour in Nanofluids Ongoing
Maharani Abu Bakar (Dr.) A Self-Adaptive Physics-Informed Neural Network with the Cat and Mouse Based Optimizer as a New Soft Computing Paradigm for Solving High Dimensional Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications on the Ocean Wave Ongoing