Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Quality objectives

The quality objectives for the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, which are aligned with the UMT Strategic Plan 2023-2027, are as follows:

Pillar 2: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

i. Cumulatively, four (4) academic programs that incorporate international curriculum initiatives or features.

ii. Cumulatively, offering four (4) undergraduate and master’s programs fully digitally.

iii. Cumulatively, offering three (3) digital teaching and learning content.

iv. Cumulatively, offering six (6) Micro-credential courses.

Pillar 4: Excellence in Research and Innovation

i. RM1.5 million in total annual government research grant receipts (RM million).

ii. RM0.1 million in total annual private sector research grant receipts (RM million).

iii. RM0.15 million in total annual international research grant receipts (RM million).

Pillar 5: Driving Knowledge Transfer and Industry Networking

i. Five (5) university social responsibility (USR) programs annually.

ii. Twenty-five (25) external communities benefiting from USR programs annually.

iii. 20% of academic staff involved in USR programs annually.

iv. 10% of academic support staff involved in USR programs annually. v. Six (6) new industry networks annually.

vi. Ten (10) collaborative programs with industry partners annually.