Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics


Dean & Deputy Deans

Professor Ts. Dr. Muhammad Suzuri Hitam

PhD (Leeds), B.Tech (Hons) (USM)
Expertise : Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

Phone (office) : +609-6683478
Email : suzuri@umt.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Rosmayati Mohemad
Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affair)

PhD (UKM), M.Sc., B.Sc.(UTM)
Expertise : Decision Support System, Ontology Modelling and Knowledge Engineering

Phone (office) : +609-6683974
Email : rosmayati@umt.edu.my

Dr. Ilyani  Abdullah
Deputy Dean (Research and Talent)

Ph.D (UTM), MSc, BSc (UKM)
Expertise : Fluid Dynamics, Differential Equations

Phone (office) : +609-6683476
Email :  ilyani@umt.edu.my

Head Of Computer Science Programmes

Assoc. Prof Ts. Dr. Amir b. Ngah
Head of Programme, Bachelor Of Computer Science (Mobile Computing) with Honours

PhD (Durham), M.Sc. (UPM), B.Sc. (UTM)
Expertise : Software Engineering, Software Maintenance and Testing

Phone (office): +609-6683463
Email: amirnma@umt.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Wan Nural Jawahir Wan Yussof
Head of Programme, Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honors

Expertise : Computer Vision and Image Processing

Phone (office) : +609-6683635
Email : wannurwy@umt.edu.my

Ts. Dr. Zuriana Abu Bakar
Head of  Programme, Bachelor of Computer Science with Maritime Informatics (Honours)

PhD (UQ, Australia), M.Sc. (UPM), B.Sc. (UTM)
Expertise : Human and Computer Interaction, Information System, Decision Support System, Data Mining

Phone (office) : +609-6683988
Email : zuriana@umt.edu.my

Ts. Dr. Arifah Che Alhadi
Chair of Computer (Master by Coursework)

PhD (UMT), M.IT, B.IT (Hons) (UKM)
Expertise : Information System and Information Retrieval

Phone (office): +6096683986
Email: arifah_hadi@umt.edu.my

Head Of Mathematics Programmes

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhamad Safiih  Lola 

Head of Programme, Bachelor of Science (Analytic Data) 

PhD (USM), MSc (UPM), BEc Hons (UUM)
Expertise : Applied Statistics (Robust Statistics, Econometrics, Hybrid Statistics) and Data Analytics (Forecasting Analysis) 

Phone (office) : +609-6683247
Email : safiihmd@umt.edu.my

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani
Head of Programme, Bachelor of Science (Financial Mathematics)

Doctor of Science Mathematics, D.Sc (Tohoku)

Expertise : Foundation of Mathematics (Logic of Games, Fuzzy Set Theory and its Variations, Algebra and Combinatorics)

Phone (office) : +609-6683975
Email : termimi@umt.edu.my

Dr. Shalela Mohd Mahali
Head of Programme, Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics)

Ph.D (Western Australia ), MSc (UTM), BSc (KUSTEM)
Expertise : Mathematical Modelling

Phone (office) : +609-6683976
Email : shalela@umt.edu.my

Dr. Fatimah Noor  Harun
Chair of Mathematics (Master by Coursework)
Ph.D (Wollongong), MSc., BSc. (USM)

Expertise : Mathematical Modelling

Phone (office) : +609-6683341
Email : fnoor_hh@umt.edu.my