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PPKK won 1 Special Award, 3 Gold and 2 Silver in AIPP 2018

Innovation Practices of Teaching and Learning Competition (AIPP 2018) was held on 19 December 2018.

A total of 11 School of Ocean Engineering staffs consisting of lecturers and senior scientific officer has competing 5 innovation practices project in which has divided into two categories namely as Transformation Without Technology and Transformation With Technology.

AIPP 2018 has awarded Special Award to Mr. Mohd Hafizi, Dr Ahmad Faizal, En, Izhar and Capt. Mohd Naim with project entitled Everyone Can Sail. This project won the award for the category of Transformation Without technology.

3 of the projects won a gold medal while 2 projects won the silver medal. The list of winners is as follows:

Gold Medal:

1. Dr Suriani: EDUtablet

2. En. Mohd Hafizi, Dr Ahmad Faizal, En Izhar, Capt. Mohd Naim: Everyone can sail.

3. Dr. Aliashim Albani: AWWT Computator for teaching, learning and assessment process: A check and balance approach.

Silver Medal:

1. Dr Suriani, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Awang, Dr. Wan Rafizah: XPro-TutoV

2. Dr Wan Rafizah, Dr. Tg Azmina, Dr. Nurul Ashraff, Dr. Nazaitulshila: SAFE

Congratulations to all! All PPKK staffs very proud of this achievement.

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