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PPKK student’s research project at Pulau Bidong: Lora Network

Another research project is being undertaken through the installation of antenna tower for Lora Network in Pulau Bidong. These sensors will be used for environmental monitoring at Bidong Island, where the data will be transmitted directly to the antenna periodically. The data is then transmitted to the data reception station at UMT located at the roof of the Central Lecture Complex and will then be entered into ‘cloud’ (IoT).

Dr. Datin Nurul Adilah Abdul Latiff, lecturer of the Center for Marine Engineering as the Project Head explained that the monitoring project using the Lora Network involves the transmission of low-power long-range (low-power) data suitable for research work marine, biological and environmental conditions for researchers at UMT.

This project is funded by the MTSFB-IOT Grant in collaboration with UMT-UPM-UTM along with industry representative, Luimewah M Sdn Bhd.

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