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Ppkk staff honored at MAT 2018

The UMT Annual Award Ceremony (MAT 2018) held on 29 July 2018 has witnessed numerous awards received by PPKK members.

The Excellent Service Award is a tribute to staffs who have provided excellent quality services based on the annual performance throughout the year 2017. PPKK officers who received this award are:

MADYA DR. MOHAMAD BIN AWANG – University DS54 Lecturer
WAN MARIAM BINTI WAN MUDA – University DS52 Lecturer
ANUAR BIN ABU BAKAR – Lecturer of DS51 University
MAHMOOD BIN SULAIMAN – Science Officer C44
MOHD HAFIZ BIN SALLEH – Assistant Marine Officer A29
FATIMAH NOR BINTI MOHAMAD – Operation Assistant N11

Apart from that, PPKK has also received 2 recognition in the Talent Coverage Category. For the first award, PPKK has been named the Best Responsibility Center Management in 2017. This recognition is the best appreciation to all PPKK staff who have been devoting a lot of dedication to empowering PPKK specially and UMT generally.

While for the second award of the Talent, the Research Publication Award was awarded to Prof. Madya. Dr. Mohammad Bin Ismail on his publication titled Hydrogen Sorption Improvement of MgH2 Catalyzed by CeO2 Nanopowder. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 695, 2532-2538.

With full respect and gratefulness, congratulations to all the recipients of the MAT 2018 award. Hopefully, the recognition gained encourages for the spirit of all citizens to be competitive and always produce the best for in the future.


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