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Murphy’s 2018 internship program

Murphy’s 2018 internship program is open to undergraduate and graduate-level interns majoring in various disciplines. The objective of the program is to provide Malaysian students with real work experience and opportunity to develop professional skills and competencies. This is also part of Murphy’s external capability building program.

We currently we have six (6) internship vacancies available, for a duration of 3-6 months.

Below are the criteria & the application process;

The Criteria
 Open to Malaysian citizens only
 Currently undergoing Diploma and Degree courses in a field applicable to our industry
 Minimum qualification is CGPA 3.2
 Active in Co-curriculum activities

The Internship Application Process
 HR & Hiring Managers will review all applications received from students and employee referrals
 Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed via phone and/or face to face

Employee referrals are welcome. For those interested, please email  Internship@murphyoilcorp.com

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