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Dr. Hjh Noor Zaitun was selected as the Top 3 Best Paper Award at WCAC 2019, Istanbul

Congratulations to Dr. Hajah Noor Zaitun binti Yahaya, Lecturer of the Faculty of Ocean Engineering Technology and Informatics (FTKKI), UMT has won the ‘Top 3’ Best Paper Award in conjunction with the World Clean Air Congress.

The International Clean Air Congress (WCAC) has been held at the Hilton Hotel in Maslak, Instanbul, Turkey from 23 to 27 September 2019.

This victory is a milestone in honor of researchers in particular and UMT and Malaysia in general when their research papers are recognized globally. The paper entitled ‘The Used Of Stochastic Boosted Regression Trees To Analyze In-vehicle Pollutants And Physical Parameters at Different Road Categories’ has focused on the application of a new application of ‘artificial Intelligent technique’ using ‘Stochastic Boosted Regression Trees Technique’ or BRT for modeling Big Data can also determine what contributes to pollution, variable influence, interactions and forecasts. At the same time, it can be used by policy makers to find preventive measures to control pollution. It also contains IR 4.0 elements, namely Big data analysis, artificial intelligent, from science to policies.

Dr. Hajah Noor Zaitun, who is also president of the Malaysian Clean Air Forum or MyCas, has led the Malaysian delegation to WCAC 2019 with over 20 people. He also serves as a Board Member for the International Union Air Pollution Protection Association (IUAPPA) or the Global Clean Air Union with air experts from over 31 countries. While there besides being an International Program Committee WCAC, MyCas highlighted the issue of health impact assessment through workshops, Low Carbon Mitigation Forums to be held in Malacca and others. MyCas also brought the issue of transboundary haze faced by the country to discussions and forums among Asian countries during a forum slot organized by Clean Air Asia at WCAC. A press conference was held by MyCas while there and will be shared with Malaysians to highlight the importance of keeping the air for life.

The World Clean Air Congress hosted over 300 participants from researchers and students from various universities and agencies around the world. Also presenting from UMT was Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Sabri Ghazali and Dr. Mohd Shahrir Zahari |

“This victory meant a lot to me, and 2 other UMT researchers, Dr. Wan Nurdiyana daughter of Wan Mansor and Master’s student, Fahimah bint Hashim. It inspires and gives researchers confidence that nothing is impossible to achieve, as long as it takes effort and desire. I am proud to be able to name the religion, UMT and country in the world, Alhamdulillah, ”said Dr. Hajah Noor Zaitun.

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