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2019 Environment Day

Prepared by: Dr. Wan Salida, Wan Mansor and Ms. Nur Anis Nadirah Binti Mohd Raduan

On 31st March 2019 ago, the Club of Environmental Technology (ENTECH), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu has held an Environment Day 2019 at the Dewan Sultan Mizan, UMT. Program was officiated by Ybhg. Prof. Ts. Dr. Che Mohd Ruzaidi Bin Ghazali (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the HEPA). It was accompanied by the 153 students of UMT, the lecturer of UMT and also students as well as teachers from nearby schools (Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud – 30 people; SBPI Batu Rakit – 15 and SK Institute of Teacher Education – 10 people). Among the activities that have been conducted throughout the program include; the exhibitions related to the environment held by the Environmental Education Center Eco Care Kerteh and also research exhibition by the lecturers of the Environmental Technology Program.

In addition to the activities indoor and outdoor games (quizlet, the eco fun board games, pandora’s box and 2 min zero waste presentation) is conducted for the students of the school. The activity of recycling, collection and unwanted cloth also held. The activity of the latter is the Forum ‘Zero Waste’ which is operated by SRC Exco of the Academic as a moderator while the panelists consisted of Assoc. Prof Ts. Dr. Lam Su Shiung (PPKK), Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Azman Kasan (PPSA), Dr. Ma Nyuk Ling (PPSA) and Ms. Nurliyana Mohd Shuhairi (PhD student PPKK).

This Program is hoped to be a program that will make an impact in preserving the campus of UMT and the area of the nearby community. In this modern era, the awareness of the importance of loving nature do not get the attention of many people. This is because the activities of the environmental pollution caused by human activities and without we realize it threatens the well-being of human life itself every day. Consequently, the community and students should be sensitive to the issues and problems of nature that hit the environment. Therefore, the Club of Environmental Technology (ENTECH) felt compelled to evoke a sense of responsibility among the citizens of the campus and local community on the environment.In conclusion, the program has been successfully carried out with the support of club members and also students of University Malaysia Terengganu. School students are also able to acquire the knowledge and exposure about the importance of the environment and is thus able to produce a new of green and healthy generation in the future.

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